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Do you feel a knot in your stomach knowing you have to go to work another day full of strain and conflict? Do you dread you partner coming home because of the next fight around the corner? Is life harder than it needs to be?

Transitions for Life is a boutique mediation & facilitation firm that brings trust back to a space where little existed! Our clients stuck in conflict, preferring to ignore it, come to us because we have the skills and experience to move people forward.

Did you know that poor relational skills cost the State $4.8 billion annually? Did you know that 50% of marriages end in divorce? Did you know that workplace conflict can cost a company thousands upon thousands of dollars in sick leave, more time to reach project outcomes, and employee turnover when conflict is not addressed?

We are here to raise the awareness, skill level and to help in reaching better solutions this world needs to address conflict, not ignore it! Conflict is intangible, hard to wrap your fingers around, until you experience the pain and frustration of a conversation gone sideways. Even then, people believe self-reliance is the only option to make things better, and choose to spend money on material items, instead of services that could save their relationships. Our society often seeks help too late when it comes to facing conflict head-on.

LighteningAre you frustrated at work because of that one person who is hard to trust? Are you confused because you don’t understand why your marriage isn’t what you committed to? Are you wanting your family to get along, but can’t figure out how to bridge the gap that exists? Are your business meetings unproductive, with little results surfacing? If so, you need a Conflict & Change Manager.

TransitionsYour Conflict & Change Manager uses strong communication & collaborative skills, balancing compassion with assertiveness to get you to the best desired outcome for the parties involved. Our mediators have degrees & backgrounds in psychology, finance, corporate & personal change, and legal research & documentation. From human resources to divorce mediation to business facilitation, we are your go-to people for moving through conflict & change.

We bring trust back to an area where it has diminished by holding the space for facts and emotions to be surfaced, and then applying a methodical, but customized process to get to an outcome. With strong, problem-solving skills, we can bring creative solutions to your “stuck” situation. We handle your details, while holding the big picture, mediating the best outcome for all! When clients work with us, they walk away with relief and a brighter future ahead. They know that they can minimize conflict with choice, and can manage change one step at a time.

Call us for a free consultation! Take the first step in reaching a brighter future for you, your team, your family, and/or your business.