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Business Relations Services

Business Relations Services


Using a tried and true process, our staff can facilitate or mediate employee/manager disputes, inter-departmental break-down’s, leadership team meetings and more.

Conflict Management TrainingConflict Management Training

Every group deals with conflict within and outside of their every day professional lives. Achieve these outcomes with your employees in a one-day training to:

  • Read body language & microexpressions
  • Deal with difficult situations
  • Manage self through conflict
Facilitation trainingFacilitation Training

Leaders, supervisors, and other team leads need facilitation skills to ensure teams are working as smoothly as possible. This is 5 sessions of 3.5 hours to:

  • Learn the art of facilitating.
  • Design outcome-oriented sessions.
  • Manage different personalities & styles within one setting.
  • Apply the key ingredients of a team for success.
Team buildingTeam Building

Teams that don’t address process & dynamics are at greater risk for increased conflict, poor performance, and low morale. In our team building, we will:

  • Assess the obstacles that block your team
  • Make recommendations for building a stronger team
  • Implement actions for teaming
Change ManagementChange Management

Organizations go through many changes. Most changes fail because the people who are impacted by the change have not accepted the change. Supporting leadership and employees through change can take a tried-and true process that not everyone can manage. There are human dynamics, process isssues, structural needs, and more that have to be managed as a major change is implemented. If you need a change manager, we are here to guide you on the best possible actions to increase acceptance of change.

Business MediationBusiness Mediation

If you have employees, you are bound to have conflict. In small-to-mid size companies, you might not have access to a formal Human Resources Department or an Employee Assistance Program, and that’s where we can help. We mediate conflict between employees, between supervisors and employees, and with small teams. We use a methodical process to mediate your employees to an agreed-to outcome that gets them back focused on what’s important: YOUR business mission.