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Divorce and Custody Services

At Transitions for Life, we help couples more efficiently and fairly navigate through the process of divorce. We work with both parties and do not represent either spouse. We are advocates for our clients’ assets and the children, who are often caught in the middle.

Divorce and custody

Mediation Services

Affordable DivorceAn Affordable Divorce

We offer tailored fee structures such as Divorce Packages and Mediation services on an hourly basis to ensure you maintain control of costs and the process.

We will provide recommendations on choosing the option that works best for you and your situation.

Financial DisclosuresFinancial Disclosures

Every divorce requires disclosure of all financial assets and debts. Knowing where to start can be challenging. Our staff:

  • identifies the documents needed in disclosure
  • creates a timeline and action plan for completion
  • collects the documentation in to a soft copy folder
Financial divisionFinancial Division Scenarios

Assessing the best way to divide your assets and liabilities in a divorce can be challenging. Our staff:

  • enters your information in to an excel-imported program
  • produces several scenarios of division
  • facilitates discussion on the pros/cons of the different scenarios
Legal documentsLegal Documents

We assist with legal document preparation and go to the courthouse for our clients, to save you time and aggravation.

We go beyond just separating financials, we provide financial and legal information, and any emotional support that is needed.

We customize our services based on the couple. Providing only those services that a couple needs, while ensuring a comprehensive and timely resolution.

Mediation Services


Moving from parents to co-parents takes a new skill set that requires more management of conflict than ever. In our co-parenting coaching sessions, we:

  • establish the boundaries of the new relationship
  • teach necessary skills for raising good kids
  • look at developmental stages and how separation impacts the children
  • support a commitment to co-parenting for the kids
Blended familiesBlended Families

Being a blended family brings very unique challenges that other types of families don’t have. In blended family coaching sessions, we:

  • differentiate the roles of a blended family and who plays what role
  • identify fairness issues and how the family works to balance everyone’s needs
  • look at solutions for a blended family working better as a team.
Divorce CoachingDivorce Coaching

Divorce coaching is for you if you are contemplating a divorce and don’t know how to make the decision to move forward. We can help you cope with the reality of your situation physically, emotionally and spiritually to move forward to a healthy space. Imagine having:

  • support to get you through one of the most difficult times you or someone you know will go through
  • clarity to help you see the new direction your life is now taking
  • accountability that will keep you moving forward in to the future.