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Legal Documents

Let Transitions for Life help you complete your legal paperwork without the cost and stress of hiring a law firm.

Legal documents
Divorce Petitions, Child Custody, Support & Visitation Documents

All documents are filed on your behalf to the court within your county.
We file all phases of the divorce petitions.
We file the documents needed to establish or modify child custody, support & visitation.

Process Serving
Our process server skillfully ensures that your lawsuit is served.
Back-end paperwork is filed showing proof of service


for Retirement Accounts and Pensions
We have staff that specializes in filing the required documents to divide retirement accounts and pensions.
We also provide rough pension analyses.

*Transitions for Life is a mediation company, not a law firm with attorneys, and we cannot practice law or perform the legal services of an attorney. As part of the our process, we encourage our clients to seek independent legal advice. Under Business & Professions Code 6408, we can prepare legal documents.  Our LDA # is 2013-08